Our History

Its clear that computers are here and have become a part of our everyday lives. Its one of many tools that help you perform your daily work. If you do not use a computer at the office or work place, then you certainly have one at home. But when they don’t perform to your standards, is it on you to learn how to fix it? or is it the manufacture?

  • At 24/7 techs we could see the need to offer you, the public, a team of educated technicians to deal with faulty hardware and poor software. Lets not talk about operating systems! Keeping current with the latest computer terms: hardware, software, routers, memory, hard drives, mother boards… the list goes on. The bottom line is simple. Its not your responsibility to know how everything works and why. A computer has the task to do what you expect of it. Should it do something you disagree with, then its time to bring in the professionals.

  • 24/7 techs bring many years of real life experience the table. We offer both book smarts and street smarts when assessing the problems that come to us daily.

  • If you want a quick and simple solution to take care of computer problems, call 24/7 techs.