About Us

Founded in 2002, we have helped individuals & businesses embrace a hassle free computer experience. 24/7 techs computer support builds on the newbies  and seasoned users to help take their knowledge to the next level. In today’s ever so growing use of computers, people are growing past the demands of just email and internet search. They demand music, video, movies, encrypting, programming….. This is where we give you the tools and power to maximize the limits of your hardware.


The company owner spent over 10 years in silicon valleys learning and watching all the latest technologies grow. Gain this experience and learn what could apply to you or your business.

24×7 techs is quickly becoming a helpful technology company and a leader in finding solutions for peoples needs. Available in the greater part of San Diego, is here to help service the users and small businesses.

Located in Mira Mesa, California and the South end of Las Vegas, Nevada. 24×7 techs is here to solve all your computer and home theater problems.